The Faculty Learning Community (FLC) year-long grogram is composed of the following learning activities:


Internal and external guest speakers are invited to present at FLC seminars on various topics related to qualitative research and other alternative education research methods/techniques.

The FLC members are welcome to suggest a topic of particular interest to the members or recommend a speaker to present on a topic pertinent to scholarly teaching and scholarship of teaching and learning.


Workshops are conducted to provide members with knowledge and skills in designing effective instruction to promote active learning in students. Faculty and staff within the OUWB School of Medicine and across Oakland University are invited to conduct workshops on various teaching techniques and methods and on how to connect scholarly teaching with the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Group Discussion

Group discussion sessions are held to discuss issues or topics of interest to the FLC members. Group discussion serves as a plateform for the members to engage in team learning, to share their classroom experiences in trying new teaching methods/instructional strategies/new technology, to exchange ideas about their teaching practice, and to discuss a burning question about a research project or a teaching and learning issue concerning faculty members.

If an individual member would like to present on a topic of interest for the purpose of developing community members as scholars of teaching and educational research, the member will serve as facilitator for a discussion session, identify and post suggested reading materials (references or links to full-text content) below to prepare other members for the discussion session.

If you would like to suggest a topic or teaching/learning issue for discussion and are willing to facilitate a discussion session, please fill out an online form.

Research Forums

Research Forum is held quarterly over the course of the year-long faculty learning community program. At each session of Research Forum, individual community members are encouraged to showcase their teaching project, present their educational research project in progress, or share a rough draft of a manuscript to be submitted for publication. Individual members may use the opportunity to seek feedback, suggestions, or opinions to validate their research idea, evaluate their research project, or improve their manuscript.

Faculty members from multiple disciplines across the campus are invited to two sessions of Research Forum to share their educational research interests, present their education research project in progress, and explore any opportunity and possibility for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing and collaborative research endeavors.

Opening Retreat
A retreat was held to kick off the launch of the Faculty Learning Community.

Closing Retreat
An end-of-the-year retreat is scheduled for the community members to reflect on their growth and development as teachers and scholars of teaching and learning, to present the outcomes of new approaches applied to teaching, and to share their achievements in scholarly teaching and education research as an individual and a group.